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The guest can follow a gastronomic journey rich in tastes and sensations. Salted pork meats and cheese, produced with eggs suchas ; the typical " chitarrina abruzzese " with gravy and meatballs , small dumplings made of semolina pasta or potato with suffron , pulses soups ; the lentis from St.Stefano of Sessanio that are the best in Italy ; the beans from Paganica ; spelt the oldest among cereals , the tasty lamb meats and veal from the pasture of mountains ; the truffle.

All dishes are carefully cooked with a delicate fragrance of the herbs of the mountains. The popular sweet temptations sorround the meal that is made up of a simple ingredients enriched creams, jams and secrets. We are carefully choose wines, especially the local ones and infusions such as wainut, cherry, artemisia brandy, thyme, genzian , rosolio.