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The Villa outsides architecture. rigourous and essential , is a typical of the 16th century. The inner style on the contrary , foresees neoclassicism above all in the xpression of all internal decorations, painted by french artists at the beginning of the 19th century and in the presence of antiques and marble statues of the Roman period, Just in the hall, that connects the two entrance , the guest can admire the magnificience and richness of the inner room of the Villa.

The lounge and the rooms are decorated with miniature landscapes, figures of ladies , still lives. images of animals and decorations. The dance room , for example , presents a high ceiling and a wonderful orchestra stage : the small chapel , instead, has a lacunar ceiling and is connected to the Marquess' old room.

Two stone lions can be admired at the entrance , that once was the main one with the beautiful Italian garden that goes towards the park , today the main entrance.

The Rooms

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The Park

Il parco di Villa Dragonetti, una vista con la villa sullo sfondo.
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The History

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